Pressure washing your commercial property comes with numerous benefits. As a commercial property owner, you know how buildings can attract dirt and get grimy over time. It could be due to harsh climate, storms, or from standard foot traffic.

Pressure washing a building’s outdoor area helps to maintain its aesthetics and value and keep it looking clean for your customers and business partners.

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Commercial Property 1

What is pressure washing?

The difference between pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing is the type of nozzle used. A pressure washer has just one tip on the nozzle and water is forcefully sprayed at a high pressure which helps technicians to flush out debris easily.

When’s the best time to pressure wash your commercial property

There are some factors worthy of consideration before you decide to pressure wash your commercial property. These factors will be considered below:

  1. When the season changes

As the season changes, it’s best to schedule an appointment with a pressure washing specialist to keep your property looking good and attractive. Also, wash your property when you begin to notice the accumulation of leaves and dust in the fall and pollen in the spring because these allergens can affect your guests or employees with allergies.

  1. Regularly as prescribed by the washers

Professional washers carry out pressure cleaning regularly. This means they’ll set a schedule for themselves. However, it’s a general rule that a commercial property must have its exterior, sidewalks, parking lots, and entrances pressure washed at least twice a year to reduce the accumulation of dirt and grease.

Also, if your commercial facility is close to an industrial area, there’s a higher chance of it being affected by dust and debris which requires added cleanings.

  1. Post Major Storms

It’s not news about how destructive a storm can be. After a storm, most companies call a roofing company to check for damage on the roof and often overlook adding a professional pressure washing service to the list. During a storm, plants, foliage, leaves, dirt, grime, and other debris are whipped onto your building, creating a mess and leaving your building dirty. At this time, pressure washing your commercial property is non-negotiable.

  1. Consider your location

If you’re located where the climate is warmer, you may not require pressure cleaning often. However, your commercial property can still be affected by mold and mildew. An annual pressure wash could be enough to keep your commercial building clean. Also, if you have a cold climate in your area year-round, your property can be exposed to changing temperatures. Ice and snow have the potential to damage your building materials.

Pressure washing is very essential in situations like this. Knowing the best time to pressure wash your property requires proper knowledge.

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Commercial Property 2


These factors explained above are reasons to clean the exterior of your commercial property. Pressure cleaning requires specific knowledge and expertise which is why you need to hire a professional commercial pressure cleaning service. At 360 Pressure Cleaning, we can help keep your building clean by carrying out cleaning services regularly and as when due.

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