Brick exteriors are designed to be tough and stand the test of time. Most times, they look great and beautiful, however, there are times when a brick can lose its beauty, especially if it isn’t maintained over time.

Do you have a brick fence, brick wall, brick walkway, or any other type of brick exterior surface, and you don’t know how to clean it? This article is for you. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about cleaning and restoring exterior brick surfaces. Continue reading to learn more:

How to clean exterior brick surfaces 1

Exterior brick cleaning: how to clean brick

  1. Choose the Right Brick Cleaning Solution

All bricks are not necessarily the same. Your kind of brick can determine how effective a cleaning solution can clean it out. You don’t want to use the wrong solution which will damage the exterior of your brick. Find out the kind of brick you have and find the best cleaning solution for it before you proceed to clean your brick.

You could also try other natural methods that are cost-effective. You could try the natural cleaning solution which involves a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. These solutions would restore your brick to look neat and clean again.

  1. Protect the Area Surrounding the Brick

Before cleaning your brick, ensure you protect any living thing including plants, soil, or vegetation with a tarp or plastic sheet. Your cleaning solutions can damage plant life or react badly on other surfaces, so be careful when cleaning and protect your surroundings.

  1. Saturate with Water

Get your brick wet before you begin the cleaning process. Use your hose and wet the area you want to clean, beginning from the top, and wash gently down. This step will help you achieve a clean finish and leave your brick looking in great shape.

  1. Apply the Brick Cleaning Solution

After soaking the area you want to wash, get your cleaning solutions and follow the instructions on the brick cleaner. Reading instructions will help you know whether to brush down, hose down, or scrub the surface. And if you’re using a natural cleaning solution, you’ll need to get a good scrub or you can power spray the dirty away after applying the cleaning solution.

  1. Rinse Thoroughly

The final step involves giving your brick a thorough rinse. Use enough water to wash off the remnants of the brick cleaner. Also, ensure to rinse your brick from top to bottom to give your brick an even look when it dries. You’ll have your brick looking clean and new in no time if you follow these steps carefully. How to clean exterior brick surfaces 2


Cleaning your brick exterior can be difficult or time-consuming. But you don’t necessarily have to do this yourself, especially if you have no prior skills or the right cleaning materials.

If you lack experience in cleaning brick walls, you may end up damaging your brick exteriors. You need to hire the best brick cleaning services, they will know the exact type of pressure to apply on your brick exterior without damaging it.

At 360 Pressure Cleaning, we understand how important it is for your brick exterior to be in pristine condition. Call us today if you’re looking to schedule a professional pressure washing for your brick exterior.